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United States Equestrian Federation

United States Equestrian Federation
US Equestrian logo.svg
AbbreviationUS Equestrian
FormationJanuary 20, 1917
HeadquartersLexington, KY
Region served
United States
over 100
Murray Kessler

The United States Equestrian Federation (USEF or US Equestrian) is the national governing body for most equestrian sports in the United States. It began on January 20, 1917, as the Association of American Horse Shows, later changed to the American Horse Shows Association (AHSA). In 2001, the organization changed its name to USA Equestrian (USAE) and, in 2003 it merged with the United States Equestrian Team (USET). In 2017, USEF rebranded as US Equestrian. In 2019, USEF abandoned and sold its own laboratory to the University of Kentucky.

Competitions governed by US Equestrian include dressage, driving, endurance riding, eventing, hunt seat equitation, hunter, jumper, para-equestrian, reining, roadster, saddle seat equitation, vaulting, and western riding competition including equitation, western pleasure, reining, trail, western dressage, and related events.

The organization also governs breed shows held in the United States for the Andalusian, Lusitano, Arabian, Half-Arabian/Anglo-Arabian, Connemara, Friesian, Hackney, Morgan, American Saddlebred, National Show Horse, Paso Fino, Shetland, and Welsh breeds.

US Equestrian keeps track of yearly points accumulated at individual horse shows throughout the year and gives awards based on these points at the end of the year. Horse shows governed under the USEF are given an AA, A, B, or C rating. Shows with an AA rating are the most prestigious and often offer the most prize money, whereas shows with a C rating are more local, usually awarding less prize money. Competitions recognized by the USEF must follow its rules and bylaws.

Governing bodies working under the USEF include:

US Equestrian Athlete Lettering Program started by the United States Equestrian Foundation offers an incredible opportunity for junior-high and high-school equestrian athletes to receive a varsity letter, just like any other varsity high-school athlete.[1] The Program allows young equestrian athletes to be honored and recognized for their hard work and dedication to the equestrian sport.[2][3]

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