The ascendant (, Asc or As) is the astrological sign (and degree of that sign) that is ascending on the eastern horizon at the specific time and location of an event. According to certain astrological theories, celestial phenomena reflect or determine human activity on the principle of 'as above, so below'.

Find out your rising sign, calculate your ascendant, zodiac sign, moon and sun sign for free at the astrology site The Ascendant (abbreviation AC) is the sign that rises on the eastern...

This video is about the zodiac sign of Sagittarius as an ascendent or rising, & the personality traits of sagittarius rising. For a personal consultation...

variants: or less commonly ascendent. Definition of ascendant. Middle English ascendent, from Medieval Latin ascendent-, ascendens, from Latin, present participle of ascendere.

Word Frequency. ascendant in British English. or ascendent (əˈsɛndənt ).

ascendant. (əˈsɛndənt) or. ascendent. adj. © 2003-2012 Princeton University, Farlex Inc. ascendant. ascendent.

1350-1400; Middle English ascendent<Latin ascendent- (stem of ascendēns) climbing up.

An independent advisory firm (sometimes less accurately called an advisory boutique) is an investment bank that provides strategic and financial adviceevolution of his practice. In London and Italy, the galant style was in the ascendent: simple, light music with a mania for cadencing; an emphasis on tonicIn mathematics, in the field of group theory, a subgroup of a group is said to be ascendant if there is an ascending series starting from the subgroupGametophyte (thalloid green mass) and sporophyte (ascendent frond) of Onoclea sensibilisunsuccessful. Cupid infects Emma and Dorian. Hope tries to find out where the ascendent is from Alyssa and questions her. In the woods, Kaleb and MG talk aboutChampionship. The 1991 year was another for McLaren and Senna, with the ascendent Renault-powered Williams team their closest challengers. By 1992, WilliamsOctober 14, 2019. Turner, Gus (June 19, 2019). "Meet Emotional Oranges, the Ascendent R&B Duo Hiding in Plain Sight". MTV News. Retrieved October 14, 2019.This is a list of known Symphyotrichum species and hybrids, organised in alphabetical order within their respective subgenera and sections. They are stillthe early fifth century, however the way in which these settlers became ascendent in the territory of the Trinovantes is not known. Studies suggest a patternthe original on 2 June 2016. Retrieved 24 August 2018. "RIM Acquires Ascendent Systems - Press Releases". Retrieved 21 Octoberspecies". Phytologia. 77 (3): 141–297. Semple, J.C. "Symphyotrichum subg. Ascendentes". Astereae Lab. University of Waterloo. Retrieved 6 December 2020. Sempleinto an anime television series in 2013. On July 2020, it was announced, Ascendent Animation will produce an English dub of the anime. Ishida & Asakura focusesAn example of an ascendent perpetual melody"White Ascendent" (白の支配, Shiro no Shihai) "Whiteout" (白滅, Howaitoauto) "Fun with Fighting" (ケンカ祭り, Kenka Matsuri) "Fairy Face-Off" (対峙する妖精たち, Taiji surueroded and discredited". In 1546, the conservatives were once again in the ascendent. A series of controversial sermons preached by the Protestant Edward Cromehero Anchises, a relative of the king Priam; thus Ascanius has divine ascendents by both parents, being descendants of god Jupiter and Dardanus. He isof Karthika on Sukla Paksha Panchami when the star Uttarashada in the ascendent. The Brahmotsavam of the Goddess is celebrated with all pomp and gloryscand-, -scend-, scans-, -scens- climb Latin scandere ascend, ascendency, ascendent, ascension, ascent, condescend, condescendence, condescension, descend2015-09-23. Henderson, Paul (May 22, 1993). "With The U.S.' New Wave Ascendent, is it over for U.K.'s Old Guard and Poodle-Head Bands?". Billboard. NielsenLeafless Tree The Devil and the Dragon April 2018 Leafless Tree Whispers in Nalubaale May 2018 Leafless Tree Kampala Ascendent May 31, 2018 Leafless Treea Swiss geologist Arthur Escher (born 1928), a Dutch geologist, first ascendent of Puncak Mandala, son of M. C. Escher Berend George Escher (1885−1967)group, formed a decade ago when the anti-establishment Tea Party was ascendent in the Republican Party, included statements of support for Boebert frombuilt in 1806, was damaged in the attack. In 1929, the steam drifter Ascendent caught a 560-pound (250 kg) tunny (Atlantic bluefin tuna) and a Scarboroughor Bryodesma) subgenus: Stachygynandrum series: Decumbentes series: Ascendentes series: Sarmentosae series: Caulescentes series: Circinatae series: ArticulataeTokyo), the new administration capital, at the behest of the recently ascendent Tokugawa shogunate, Tokugawa Ieyasu. Stylistically Nazien is often overshadowedMarrakesh in 1524 and made it their capital. By 1537 the Saadis were in the ascendent when they defeated the Portuguese Empire at Agadir. Their military successesgrowth. In some orchids, the apical meristem of the rhizome forms an ascendent swollen stem called a pseudobulb, and the apical meristem is consumedall the instruments were equal. In the trio sonata, there is often no ascendent or solo instrument, but all three instruments share equal importance.on opposition parties, the riot had been intentionally started by the "ascendent state capitalist class" in UMNO as a coup d'état to topple the Tunku fromfilaments, which are fasciculate (in close bundles) and declinate or ascendent. The anthers are dorsifixed or versatile. In the gynaecium, the ovarycontemporary Ernest Shackleton, long overshadowed by Scott, was in the ascendent as his man-management skills were celebrated, particularly in the Unitedthe big car field... Incredibly, sales of Statesman were on the rapid ascendent when production was stopped in 1984. However, GM-H was already irreversiblywoodlands and in disturbed sites. Commelina polhillii is an annual herb with ascendent(=reclining for a while then turning upward) to decumbent (=trailing) stemstable lists the name of each station on the Vallvidrera Funicular in ascendent order (from south to north), a photo of the current station, its elevationcompanies, including public relations firm Derris and Insignia in 2012 (now Ascendent Sports Group), and the International Champions Cup soccer tournament in"Ascendent Animation Reveals Ishida and Asakura Anime's English Dub Cast, Staff, Teaser Trailer". Anime News Network. September 1, 2020. "Ascendent Animationloaned from Terry include the Rising Tackle (ライジングタックル), a series of ascendent kicks, variants of various moves from Terry, including the Shine Knuckletall, has short and glabrous stem, leafy in the lower part, prostrate, ascendent or suberect. This plant can show heterophylly: upper leaves can be differentfog & water droplets Obzerv | ACTIVE RANGE-GATED Night Vision Cameras Ascendent Technology Group | Fog Penetrating NIR Near Infrared & Thermal InfraredWhite attributed the failure to the influence of Kaiser Wilhelm II of the ascendent German Empire. During World War I, the fear of rising German interestFundamentalists was seen to have wilted away with the Realists becoming the ascendent faction. However, in some respects, the division only laid dormant. WithS. Securities and Exchange Commission showed the shareholding status: Ascendent Rainbow (Cayman) Limited was the principal shareholder, with 30.1 percentspecies: Halocnemum strobilaceum (Pall.) M. Bieb.: a dwarf prostrate-ascendent shrub up to 60 cm, glaucous, with globular or cylindrical lateral branchesSelf-Replicating Molecules". Scientific American: 48–55. Ecology, the Ascendent Perspective", Robert Ulanowicz, Columbia Univ. Press 1997. Investigationsseventh place from the ascendent, the descendent, is called jamitra (diametros) in the language of the Greeks; the tenth from the ascendent, the mid-heaven,popular design of antenna in mobile devices. Stripline remained in the ascendent for its performance advantages through the 1950s and 1960s but eventuallylimitation. Antra dasha gives different results according to different ascendents. Sutton, Komilla (1999). Fundamentals of Vedi Astrology, The Wessex AstrologerPrimate of Poland. He remained however a staunch opponent of the newly ascendent communist authorities. On October 28, 1948, he died in an unexplainedor perhaps giving a talk or lecture. Mercury transits to natal sun and ascendent indicate a good time for making minor changes - buying, selling and exchangingZimbabwean independence in 1980, Tsvangirai, who was then aged 28, joined the ascendent ZANU–PF party, led by Robert Mugabe, who would later become his biggest

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