Autochton (butterfly), a genus of butterflies in the family Hesperiidae ("skippers"). Autochthonous transmission, spread of disease between two individuals in the same place. Natural science.

Polish: autochton (pl) m, autochtonka (pl) f. Spanish: autóctono (es) m. Further reading.

Define Autochton. Autochton synonyms, Autochton pronunciation, Autochton translation, English dictionary definition of Autochton. n. pl. au·toch·thons or au·toch·tho·nes 1. One that originated or...

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Последние твиты от Autochthon🐸 (@Autochton). Opinionated metacontrarian. Enjoys cooking/eating, accents, philosophy and redheads - preferably at the same time.

Autochton — Zu diesem Stichwort gibt es keinen Artikel. Möglicherweise ist „Autochthon" gemeint. Bei Wörtern griechischen Ursprungs folgt in der deutschen Umschrift auf ph oder ch stets th...

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Autochton cellus, Moth Photographers Group [MPG]. Autochton cellus, Butterflies of America Autochton integrifasciatum; Ebert, 1969, (missp.) Autochton integrifascia; Brown & Mielke, 1967, J...


Autochton (butterfly), a genus of butterflies in the family Hesperiidae ("skippers"). Autochthonous transmission, spread of disease between two individuals in the same place. Natural science.

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autochtone translation in French - English Reverso dictionary, see also 'autofiction',autocrate',automne',autonome', examples, definition, conjugation.

» autochton - jako określenie człowieka mieszkającego na danym terenie. W naszym słowniku wyrazów bliskoznacznych języka polskiego dla słowa autochton znajduje się łącznie 14 synonimów.

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autochton. autokhthon. uatochthon.

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Příbuzná slova: autochton. autochton jelentése, autochthon wurm, autochton znaczenie, autochthon duden, autochton cellus, autochton słownik, autochthon synonym, autochthon definition...

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Philip K. Dick Autochthon, a Primordial in the Exalted role-playing game Autochton (butterfly), a genus of butterflies in the family Hesperiidae ("skippers")Autochton cellus, the golden banded-skipper, is a North and Central American butterfly in the family Hesperiidae. There are two populations, one in theAutochton is a genus of skipper butterflies. They belong to the subfamily Eudaminae, which was long included with the spread-winged skippers (Pyrginae)Autochton bipunctatus, also known by the vernacular names Gmelin's banded skipper, two-spotted banded skipper, and twin-spot banded skipper, is a butterflynumber for Autochton cincta is 3903.1. "Autochton cincta Report". Integrated Taxonomic Information System. Retrieved 2019-09-25. "Autochton cincta". GBIF20 June 2013. Retrieved 24 March 2012. Puhvel, J. (1994). "Anatolian: Autochton or Interloper". Journal of Indo-European Studies. 22 (3 & 4): 251–264 Autochton cellus Sonoran banded-skipper, Autochton pseudocellus Sierra Madre banded-skipper, Autochton siermadror Chisos banded skipper, Autochton cincta(Plötz, 1883) Autochton bipunctatus (Gmelin, [1790]) Autochton integrifascia (Mabille, 1891) Autochton itylus Hübner, [1823] Autochton longipennis (Plötzconceded already in 1948 that what the PZZ claimed to be a recovered "autochton" Polish population were in fact Germanized migrant workers, who had settledphalaecus Astraptes talus Atarnes sallei Autochton aunus Autochton bipunctatus Autochton longipennis Autochton neis Autochton zarex Behemothia godmanii Bolla imbrasa Polish-speaking ancestor was sufficient. Of the 1,104,134 "verified autochtons" in the census of 1950, close to 900,000 were natives of Upper Silesiawhich is formed from "a succession of Autochthons (fixed terrain), para-Autochtons (weakly displaced terrain) and especially Allochthons (highly displacedWilliams & Bell, 1940 Celaenorrhinus astrigera (Butler, 1877) Celaenorrhinus autochton Steinhauser & Austin, 1996 Celaenorrhinus bifurcus Bell, 1934 Celaenorrhinusclarus) Long-tailed skipper (Urbanus proteus) Golden banded-skipper (Autochton cellus) Hoary edge (Achalarus lyciades) Southern cloudywing (Thorybesplexippus Silver-spotted skipper, Epargyreus clarus Golden banded-skipper, Autochton cellus Hoary edge, Achalarus lyciades Southern cloudywing, Thorybes bathyllusAstraptes Atalopedes Atarnes Ateleomorpha Atrytone Atrytonopsis Aubertia Augiades Aurina Autochton Azonax Natural History Museum Lepidoptera genus databaseanthedon Silver-spotted skipper, Epargyreus clarus Golden banded-skipper, Autochton cellus Hoary Edge, Achalarus lyciades Southern cloudywing, Thorybes bathyllusChioides Proteides Spathilepia Thorybes Achalarus Autochton Urbanus (paraphyletic?) Astraptes Narcosius Cabares Aguna Codatractus Typhedanus Lobocla (formerlyAutochton bipunctatus (Gmelin, 1790) Autochton longipennis (Plötz, 1882) Autochton neis (Geyer, 1832) Autochton vectilucis (Butler, 1872) Autochton zarexflasher Autochton bipunctatus – Gmelin's banded-skipper Autochton cellus – golden banded-skipper Autochton cincta – Chisos banded-skipper Autochton longipennisButterflies of Virginia in 1951. A new form of golden banded-skipper, Autochton cellus leilae, was named for her by her husband. Clark was born in CantonAstraptes talus Augiades crinisus Autochton aunus Autochton bipunctatus Autochton crinisus Autochton shema Autochton zarex Chioides catillus Chrysoplectrumfrom southeastern Brazil, with taxonomic notes on Chromys oblonga, Heros autochton and H. jenynsii (Teleostei: Labroidei: Cichlidae)" (PDF). Vertebrate Zoologydepicted as a direct successor of the 1765 colors, indicating Romanian "autochtonism" after other Transylvanian communities had embraced ethnic flags. According(Lucas, 1857) Astraptes talus (Cramer, 1799) Astraptes xagua (Lucas, 1857) Autochton cellus (Boisduval & Leconte, 1833) Burca braco (Herrich-Schäffer, 1865)fulgerator (two-barred flasher) Autochton cellus (golden banded-skipper) Autochton cincta (Chisos banded-skipper) Autochton pseudocellus (Sonoran banded-skipper)plain, visitor in upper Piedmont and mountains. G5 - secure Hesperiidae Autochton cellus Golden-banded skipper Resident in north Georgia G4 - apparently[1780]) Augiades epimethea (Plötz, 1883) Autochton bipunctatus (Gmelin, [1790]) Autochton itylus Hübner, [1823] Autochton neis (Geyer, 1832) Bungalotis boraxemperess Leilia (brushfoot) Atlides halesus, giant purple hairstreak Autochton cellus, golden banded skipper Battus philenor, pipevine swallowtail Callophrys

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