as from contemporary Italian farces. The miser of the title is called Harpagon, a name adapted from the Latin harpago, meaning a hook or grappling ironunhappy side of the character. Harpagon, unloved by humanity, is driven to an obsessive love of money. Louis de Funès: Harpagon Frank David [fr]: Cléante Hervéperformance in Saint Patrick's Grammar School, Armagh was the role of Harpagon in Molière's L'Avare, which was performed entirely in French. After theatreespecially a hypocrite displaying affected morality or religious piety. A harpagon, named after the main character of The Miser, is an obsessively greedywith Clair by Martin Crimp at the Orange Tree Theatre, Richmond (1988) Harpagon, The Miser by Moliere at the Royal Exchange, Manchester (1992) Eric WellsOrton. Directed by Braham Murray at the Royal Exchange, Manchester (2001). Harpagon, The Miser by Moliere. Directed by Helena Kaut-Howson at the Royal ExchangeTheatre Night 1988 production of The Miser opposite Nigel Hawthorne as "Harpagon" and Jim Broadbent as "Maitre Jacques". Another role was that of FriedaAcross from the Garden of Allah Douglas Comedy Theatre 1988 The Miser Harpagon 1988 Hapgood Blair Aldwych Theatre 1989 The Spirit of Man Reverend Jonathangendarme et les extra-terrestres Ludovic Cruchot Jean Girault 1980 L'avare Harpagon Louis de Funès and Jean Girault 1981 La Soupe aux choux Claude RatinierBirling Royale Theatre 1994 Fiorello! Ben Marino Encores! 1990 The Miser Harpagon Circle in the Square Theatre 1989 Lend Me a Tenor Saunders Royale TheatreGenus Psalteriomonas Broers et al. 1990 Genus Pseudomastigamoeba Genus Harpagon Panek et al. 2012 Genus Monopylocystis O'Kelly et al. 2003 Class Heterolobosidea1932, as well as a team gold in 1932, and another French Anglo-Arabian, Harpagon, was ridden to a team gold medal and an individual silver in dressage atfrom L'Avare in 1876 while the French actor Grandmesnil in the role of Harpagon was painted by Jean-Baptiste François Desoria. In addition, the challengingMolière's more celebrated comic characters, Arnolphe, Orgon, Alceste, Harpagon, Monsieur Jourdain, Argan: each of them displays to the very end the obsessionThe Beast and The Virtue, Professor Higgins in G. B. Shaw's Pygmalion, Harpagon in Molière's The Miser, and many others. Kopecký was a passionate admirerpolice, The Pirates of Penzance, Ahmanson Theatre, Los Angeles, USA, 1981 Harpagon, The Miser, Old Globe Theatre, San Diego, CA, USA, 1982 Hector, Heartbreakplay. His main roles were: Shylock (Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice),Harpagon (Molière's The Miser), Đurađ Branković (Obernik Đurađ Branković), LouisDover Publications, INC. pp. 17. The ancestor of Pantaloon, and his son Harpagon, is Pappus, the lecherous old miser of the Antellane Oreglia, Giacomo (1968)company on a bare stage. Dullin triumphed in his signature interpretation of Harpagon in Molière's L’Avare ("The Miser") and the troupe showed its physical dexterityOctober 1981 Lord Emsworth Globe Theater: "The Miser" 28 September 1986 Harpagon Cadfael: "Monk's Hood" 1991 Narrator Cadfael: "The Virgin in the Ice" 19921942, only a week later, eight British seamen, from the British merchant Harpagon, where found aboard the Argentinian merchantman Rio Diamante by Omaha.Leptoglossus gonagra (Fabricius) Leptoglossus grenadensis Allen Leptoglossus harpagon (Fabricius) Leptoglossus hesperus Brailovsky & Couturier Leptoglossus humeralisinterpreters of Molière and particularly excelled in the rôles of Arnolphe and Harpagon. The distinction of his manners and the constant regularity of his lifestyle"Swedish WWII losses". www.konditori100.se. Retrieved 21 October 2019. "Harpagon". Uboat. Retrieved 23 February 2012. "Nuewerk Patrols (1916-18), Escortsperformance, and the Norwegian Critics Prize for Theatre for his role as "Harpagon" in Molière's The Miser at Rogaland Teater. He received the Gammleng Award(Sumatra, Peninsular Malaya) C. h. infernus Rothschild, 1903 (Borneo) C. h. harpagon Staudinger, 1889 (Palawan) C. h. maruyamai Hanafusa, 1987 C. h. shiloiCharaxes harmodius infernus Rothschild, 1903 (Borneo) Charaxes harmodius harpagon Staudinger, 1889 (Palawan) Charaxes harmodius maruyamai Hanafusa, 1987Jousseaume and Harpagon (FRA)  Gustaf Adolf Boltenstern Jr. and Trumf (SWE) Team dressage details  France (FRA) André Jousseaume and Harpagon Jean Saint-Fortdirected by Georges Méliès. The miser character in the film is probably Harpagon, from Molière's play The Miser. Méliès appears in the film both as theNero (AUT) 1948 London details  Hans Moser on Hummer (SUI)  André Jousseaume on Harpagon (FRA)  Gustaf Adolf Boltenstern Jr. on Trumf (SWE) 1952 Helsinki detailsLear, Galileo Galilei in Bertolt Brecht's eponymous play, and Molière's Harpagon in The Miser, his last stage role. Autran became known as a character actorMini-Series Antigone The Guard Jean-Paul Carrère TV Movie 1974 L'avare Harpagon René Lucot TV Movie Nada Goemond Claude Chabrol Grandeur nature Henry LuisMaster Rufus (SWE)  Lis Hartel and Jubilee (DEN)  André Jousseaume and Harpagon (FRA) Team dressage details  Sweden (SWE) Henri Saint Cyr and Master Rufus(Bl) Charaxes harmodius C. Felder & R. Felder, [1867] Charaxes harmodius harpagon Staudinger, 1889 (Cn, Pn) genus: Prothoe Prothoe franck (Godart, [1824])2003 – Michal Čapka for Šaryk in Heart of a Dog 2004 – Boris Rösner for Harpagon in The Miser 2005 – Jan Vondráček for Lelio in The Liar 2006 – Martin Fingerperformance in The Caretaker by Harold Pinter and in The Miser by Molière (as Harpagon), where he proved to be a skillful actor whose ability had grown beyondhaeckeli Farkac, 1995 Leistus haisishanicus Farkac & Sciaky, 1998 Leistus harpagon Farkac, 1998 Leistus heinigeri Morvan, 1991 Leistus heinzi Farkac, 1995by Aleksandar Popović. The most recent winner, Branislav Lečić won for Harpagon in Marko Janjić-directed version of Moliere's Miser. Aniti Mančić „Ljubinka25 minutes Výročí 67 30 minutes Bilance 68 30 minutes Lhář telefon 69 25 minutes Pastouška 70 30 minutes Harpagon 71 30 minutes Rekomando 72 30 minutesJousseaume and Harpagon  France Gustaf Adolf Boltenstern, Jr. and Trumf  Sweden Team dressage details  France (FRA) André Jousseaume and Harpagon Jean Saint-Fortof the United States. On 20 April, she sank the British merchant vessel Harpagon. This was followed by the damaging of the British ship La Paz off the coastAndré Jousseaume Jean Peitevin de Saint André Jean Saint-Fort Paillard Harpagon Vol au Vent Tapir 541.0 479.0 403.5 1423.5 5  Chile José Larraín HéctorNikola Đuričko Meni Moped Ovo je danas Atelje 212 2016 Branislav Lečić Harpagon The Miser Serbian National Theatre 2017 Ivan Jevtović Vuksha Kovare Serbian auriger Binomial name Graphium auriger (Butler, 1876) Synonyms Papilio auriger Butler, 1876 Graphium (Arisbe) auriger Papilio harpagon Grose-Smith, 1890performance, and the Norwegian Critics Prize for Theatre for his role as "Harpagon" in Molière's Den gjerrige in 1998. The staff at Rogaland Teater was givenHorse Score Hans Moser  Switzerland Hummer 492.5 André Jousseaume  France Harpagon 480.0 Gustaf Adolf Boltenstern, Jr.  Sweden Trumf 477.5 4 Robert Borg  United644.0 2167.0 6  France André Jousseaume Jean-Albert Brasu Jean Salmon Harpagon Vol d'Amour Kipling 814.0 648.0 554.0 2016.0 7  Norway Else ChristophersenOBE Master Ena de Larrinaga 5 April 1941 Creser, R. D. GM Chief Officer Harpagon 19 April 1942 Cromarty, A. OBE Master Holmpark 24 October 1942 Crook, DScrupules de Jolivet, vaudeville in 1 act, Variétés (1 June) 1862: Le Marquis Harpagon, comedy in 4 acts, Odéon (1 September) 1864: Un mari qui lance sa femme France (FRA) André Jousseaume Jean Saint-Fort Paillard Maurice Buret Harpagon Sous les Ceps Saint Ouen 480.0 439.5 349.5 1269  United States (USA) Robert

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