An intendant (French: intendant [ɛ̃.tɑ̃.dɑ̃], Portuguese and Spanish: intendente) was and sometimes still is a usually public official, especially in FranceThe Intendant of Montevideo is head of the executive branch of the government of Montevideo. The Intendant serves a five-year term and is limited to twothe National Autonomous University of Mexico. Ramón Gutiérrez del Mazo (Intendent of Mexico: 1811–1821) (1811). La muy noble, muy leal, insigne é imperialwhen William F. Davidson was elected to serve as intendent. In 1861, the title was changed from intendent to mayor. Below is a list of people who have servedGeorgia. The city was incorporated in 1823. Heads of the city were known as intendents prior to 1833. David S. Booth (1824) James H. Rogers (1825) Edward Dorr(superintendente): deputy commander of the CPSP Intendent (intendente): commanding officer of level I units Sub-Intendent (subintendente): commanding officer ofDivision, garrisoned in Iquique. In his new function, he was also appointed Intendent of the Tarapacá Province. In January 1971, Pinochet was promoted to divisionRanks of the Mossos d'Esquadra Rank Mosso Corporal Sergeant Subinspector Inspector Intendent Commissioner Major Insignia No insigniafall off a cliff, but is re-hired and given the title of Super-Duper-Intendent. In The Simpsons Movie, in addition to appearances in crowd scenes Superintendentcontinued to swear obedience to the King, while refusing to obey his intendents or to accept his new taxes. The Parlement of Franche-Comté in BesançonSleep With Tom Stoppard (Sydney Theatre Awards). She also played Super Intendent in the show, "Accidental Death of an Anarchist" (2018) at Sydney Theatrewas briefly banned in Ecuador in 1980 by Abdalá Bucaram, then police intendent. Bucaram closed all the theatres that showed the film. The movie, however(superintendente): deputy commander of the CPSP, Intendent (intendente): commanding officer of level I units, Sub-Intendent (subintendente): commanding officer ofwhich is under the care of the Ardeans, who have entrusted the task to intendents". CIL X 797: "Sp. Turrianus Proculus Gellianus... pater patratus...Lavinium(CPSP) of Macau. The rank of superintendent is senior to the rank of intendent. The CPSP rank insignia follows the generic model of the Portuguese PublicNational Theatre in Prague, Intendent/Artistic Director of the Opera of the Slovak National Theatre in Bratislava, Intendent/Artistic Director of the Operapark super intendent of the Piston Peak Fusalodge Barry Corbin as Ol' Jammer, a tour bus at Piston Peak. He later was promoted as super intendent after Cadbelow that of sub-intendent. Commissioners usually have the role of second-in-command of PSP divisions commanded by sub-intendents. The rank insigniaregional command Intendent: division commander in a metropolitan / regional command or second-in-command of a district command Sub-Intendent: division commanderhimself never claimed to have discovered the Ohio River. In a letter to the intendent Talon in 1677, he claimed discovery of a river, the Baudrane, flowingintegrating the so-called "regional cabinet," chaired by the regional intendent. The political and administrative division of Chile has had four majorNobel demanded that the Nazistic Swedes Party be banned. A former police intendent, Erik Rönnegård, stated in the juridical newspaper, Dagens Juridik, thatScottish-born Australian pioneer and entrepreneur Benjamin Boyd (South Carolina), intendent (mayor) of Charleston, South Carolina Ben Boyd (baseball) (1858–?), African-Americanher friend Karina Benítez was severely wounded. Four months later, the intendent Carlos Grosso ordered the definitive closure of Italpark. Parque de laJanuary 2013, it was then reported that Riquelme had visited Tigre's intendent, Sergio Massa, in order to discuss the possibility of his arrival at theCobos. Minister Balmaceda washes his hands of responsibility and orders Intendent of Santiago Mackenna to get rid of the heavy Peruvian lion. The SantiagoShoulder Plate Flexible Shoulder Plate Rank Insignia Rank Superintendent Intendent Commissioner Deputy Commissioner Officer Deputy Officer Superior AgentThe Amazing World of Gumball Mayor of Elmore/Bernie (voice role), Super Intendent Evil (live-action role) 5 episodes, The Nuisance,The Vegging,The NeighborGöran Josuæ Törnquist (later ennobled Adelcrantz) became the Assisting intendent and his deputy, an important position at the construction site, and HansParaguay Department Itapúa Department Natalio 1974 Government  • Municipal Intendent Denis Rolando (ANR) Area  • Total 386 km2 (149 sq mi) Population  (2002)Intendent of New FranceContrabands and Misleadings and Intendent of the Munitions, before being appointed as Police Superintendent or Intendent-General of the Police of the Court1978) was a state representative from Ohio, as well as a former SuperIntendent for Cleveland Public Schools. Can We Streamline the Teaching of Foreigndemonstrators intercepted the group and tore off the roof of the vehicle. The intendent was beaten and stoned before being taken to the Porte Saint-Martin. Therefrom Resistencia, Argentina. On 6 January 2013, ABC reports that the Intendent of Encarnación, Juan Smalko, informs of the habilitation of Encarnación'sBenjamin Boyd was the seventeenth intendent (mayor) of Charleston, South Carolina, serving one term in 1808. He was elected on July 22, 1808, to completeNación had reported that Carlos Echeverría Estigarribia, the elected intendent of the city of Luque, states his intention of wanting Luque to be oneto 1831. On September 3, 1827, Gadsden was elected to a second term as intendent of Charleston, defeating N.G. Cleary by a vote of 655 to 281. He diedYuwen Xi Da Hu Fa (2017) - Ji'an Le portrait interdit (2017) - General Intendent Chen Inference Notes (2017) - Zhou Midnight Diner (2017, TV Series) HuaMotta as Xica da Silva Walmor Chagas as João Fernandes Altair Lima as Intendent Elke Maravilha as Hortência Stepan Nercessian as José Rodolfo Arena asantiquities and monuments, President of the Provincial Deputation and Vice-intendent of the District of Gallipoli. La Corografia fisica et storica della provinciathe ruling in the case of Pointe Gourde Quarrying & Transport Co v Sub-Intendent of Crown Lands. The Privy Council ruled that that compensation could notmight be unclear who had ultimate authority over trade or justice. Two intendents, one in New France and the other in the West Indies were responsible fordivided into smaller unites designated as tao or circuits over which intendent presided, Each tao was made up of a fu and the fu, in turn, were subdividedThomas Jones was the fifth intendent (mayor) of Charleston, South Carolina, serving one term from 1789 to 1790. Jones was born on December 13, 1742. HeMichael Bohnen as intendent of the Deutsche Oper Berlin, 1945express himself by signs, and that he used a watch. Pierre Poivre, the intendent of Isle de France, had orders to return Ahutoru to Tahiti but to alsothe two deaths. Main cast: Hajime Kindaichi, Miyuki Nanase, and Super intendent Kengo Akechi. Case file cast: Executive member of the Toutou Philharmonicof Representatives John Ward (South Carolina politician) (1767–1816), intendent (mayor) of Charleston, South Carolina, 1801–1802 John Ward (trade unionist)to the regional public security service and answerable to the police intendent (a position established by the law of 19 April 1941) under the authority

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