Knut (Norwegian and Swedish), Knud (Danish), or Knútur (Icelandic) is a Scandinavian, German, and Dutch first name, of which the anglicised form is Cnut[citationSaint Knut's Day (Swedish: tjugondag jul, lit. 'twentieth-day Yule'; tjugondag Knut, lit. 'twentieth-day Knut'; or knutmasso; Finnish: nuutinpäivä, litKnut Hamsun (August 4, 1859 – February 19, 1952) was a Norwegian writer who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1920. Hamsun's work spans moreKNUT (101.1 FM), broadcasting as Star 101 FM, is a radio station broadcasting as a Rhythmic top 40 format, and it is now located in Tamuning, Guam areaKnut Utstein Kloster (2 April 1929 – 20 September 2020) was a Norwegian shipping magnate. His grandfather Lauritz Kloster founded Kloster Rederi in 1924Knut is a Scandinavian given name. Knut, Knute, or Canute may also refer to: Knut (band), a technical sludge metal band Knut (polar bear) (2006–2011) KnuteNorwegian: Knut den mektige, Swedish: Knut den Store. Somerville & McDonald 2014, p. 435. "Cnut". Collins English Dictionary. Graslund, B.,'Knut den storeKnut Nystedt (3 September 1915 – 8 December 2014) was a Norwegian orchestral and choral composer. Nystedt was born in Kristiania (now Oslo), Norway, andKnut Haakonsson (Knut Håkonsson, Old Norse Knútr Hákonarson) (c. 1208–1261) was a Norwegian nobleman and claimant to the throne during the Civil war eraKnut (German pronunciation: [ˈknuːt] (listen); 5 December 2006 – 19 March 2011) was an orphaned polar bear born in captivity at the Berlin ZoologicalKnut (Russian word for whip, pronounced cnoot) are a mathcore/sludge metal band from Geneva, Switzerland that formed in 1994. They started by playing inKnut Magne Haugland, DSO, MM, (23 September 1917 – 25 December 2009) was a resistance fighter and noted explorer from Norway, who accompanied Thor HeyerdahlKnut Haukelid DSO MC ( May 17, 1911 - March 8, 1994) was a Norwegian military officer. He was a Norwegian resistance movement soldier during World WarKnut Reinhardt (born 27 April 1968) is a German former professional footballer who played as a midfielder. Born in Hilden, North Rhine-Westphalia, ReinhardtKnut Yrvin (born March 7, 1967) is a Norwegian software developer. He was an important contributor to the initiation of the Skolelinux project (now DebianEdu)Knut Alming (1 July 1917 – 6 January 2002) was a Norwegian engineer. Alming was born in Ås. He graduated from the Norwegian Institute of Technology inThe name Knut was used for two tropical cyclones in the Eastern Pacific Ocean. The name was retired in the spring of 1992, and replaced with Kenneth inTrysil-Knut is a Norwegian film from 1942. Rasmus Breistein directed this skiing melodrama during the German occupation of Norway. It tells the story ofKnut Rasmussen may refer to: Knud Rasmussen (1879–1933), Danish explorer Knut Rasmussen (physician) (born 1938), Norwegian professor of medicine KnutKnut Conrad Borge (2 September 1949 – 9 April 2017) was a Norwegian journalist and entertainer. Borge came from Bærum, and took upper secondary educationKnut Schreiner (born 18 December 1974 in Bergen, Norway), is a Norwegian singer, musician and producer currently residing in Oslo. Also known by his stageKnut Hjalmar Ferdinand Frænkel (born 14 February 1870, died probably at the end of October 1897) was a Swedish engineer and arctic explorer who perishedKnut Børsheim (born 29 April 1987) is a Norwegian professional golfer. Børsheim was one of the top amateurs in Norway, winning the golf medal at the nationalKnut Værnes (born 1 April 1954) is a Norwegian jazz musician (guitar), composer and band leader, known from several recordings in the jazz rock genre.Fighting Irish a major factor in college football. Knute Rockne was born Knut Larsen Rokne, in Voss, Norway, to smith and wagonmaker Lars Knutson Rokneat the Berlin Zoological Garden for 26 years. After the baby polar bear Knut was abandoned by his mother shortly after his birth in 2006, Dörflein—whoCanute II the Tall (Swedish: Knut Långe; Knut Holmgersson), was King of Sweden from 1229 until his death in 1234. He was the father of Holmger KnutssonKnut Axel Lennart Agnred (born 29 February 1956 in Johannebergs församling in Gothenburg) is a Swedish singer, actor, and comedian. He is known for beingKnut Kirsebom Wigert (3 October 1916 – 14 June 2006) was a Norwegian actor, known for his many Ibsen roles and the establishment of an Ibsen museum inJohan Gustaf Knut Wicksell (December 20, 1851 – May 3, 1926) was a leading Swedish economist of the Stockholm school. His economic contributions wouldKnut Nesbø (26 April 1961 – 8 February 2013) was a Norwegian sports reporter with the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. He was also a former semi-professionalKnut Emil Lundmark, born 14 June 1889 in Älvsbyn, Sweden, died 23 April 1958 in Lund, Sweden, was a Swedish astronomer, professor of astronomy and headKnut Møyen (19 January 1907 – 20 March 1984) was a Norwegian economist and resistance member. He was born in Aker. After the German invasion of NorwayKnut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation (KAW) (Swedish: Knut och Alice Wallenbergs Stiftelse) is a Swedish public and private foundation formed in 1917 byKnut Markhus (7 November 1878 – 7 August 1963) was a Norwegian educator and politician. He was born in Skånevik. He edited the newspaper Haugesunds AvisKnut Fredrik Idestam (28 October 1838, Tyrväntö, Grand Duchy of Finland – 8 April 1916, Helsinki, Grand Duchy of Finland) was a Finnish mining engineerKnut ("Kupper'n") Johannesen (born 6 November 1933) is a former speed skater from Norway. Born in Oslo and representing the skating club ASK (ArbeidernesKnut Andersson may refer to: Knut Andersson (Malmö FF footballer 1939–1940), Swedish footballer Knut Andersson (Malmö FF footballer 1940–1943), SwedishKnut Kiesewetter (13 September 1941 – 28 December 2016) was a German jazz musician, singer, songwriter, and producer. Kiesewetter was born in Stettin (Szczecin)Knut Berger is a German actor. He was born in 1975 in Gelsenkirchen, North Rhine-Westphalia. He played Axel Himmelman in the 2004 Israeli film Walk onEttan). His son, Knut Ljunglöf (1833 – 1920), then developed the brand and the factory into an even more successful business. Knut Ljunglöf, commonlyKnut Strøm (25 January 1923 – 10 September 2007) was a Norwegian resistance fighter and Lieutenant colonel in the Norwegian army. He participated in thethe total worth of the Stockholm stock market. Wallenbergs, through the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, allocate annually SEK 2 billion to scienceKnut Andersen (9 May 1931 – 17 June 2019) was a Norwegian film director. He was born in Harstad. He directed a series of films, including Ballad of theKnut Johan Ångström (12 January 1857 – 4 March 1910) was a Swedish physicist. He was the son of physicist Anders Jonas Ångström and studied in UppsalaRetrieved 12 November 2011. "Hartwig, Knut" (in German). Kicker. Retrieved 12 November 2011. Knut Hartwig at (in German) Knut Hartwig on IMDbKnut Gjerset (September 15, 1865 – October 29, 1936) was a Norwegian-American author, historian and college professor. Knut Gjerset was born at FrænaKnut Hagrup (né Hagerup-Svendsen; 13 November 1913 – 15 May 2003) was a Norwegian aviator. He was born in Bergen to Henry Lie-Svendsen and Ebba HagerupKnut Hilding Fridell (8 September 1908 – 3 February 1992) was a Swedish light-heavyweight freestyle wrestler. He won gold medals at the 1934 European ChampionshipsKnut Berg (4 August 1925 – 29 November 2007) was a Norwegian art historian and museologist. He was born in Oslo, Norway. He was the son of architect and

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