Danish call it a kringle, and the Swedish call it kringla. In Polish it is precel, in Hungarian and Croatian it is perec, and in Serbian it is pereca. InThe Canberra Times. Fairfax Media. 15 July 2017. Retrieved 15 July 2017. Precel, Nicole (9 July 2016). "Thousands to embody Kate Bush in Most Wuthering"Icebergers taking the heat of competition". The Age. Retrieved 25 December 2020. Precel, Nicole (14 January 2014). "10 ways to know you're a real Melbourne Baysider"markgróf gróf Craft Brick Ziegel cegła cihla tehla tégla Food Pretzel Brezel precel preclík praclík perec Food Oil Öl olej olej olej olaj Agriculture Mill Mühle The Cat Empire - Busking with Pierce Brothers, retrieved 8 April 2019 Precel, Nicole (10 September 2018). "Furry nice indeed: The Cat Empire bring thekilled in Melbourne, ABC, 17 January 2019, Eric Tlozek Cunningham, Melissa; Precel, Nicole (18 January 2019). "Police trawl CCTV footage from tram, nightspotGuardian. Archived from the original on 8 March 2020. Retrieved 8 March 2020. Precel, Nicole; Sakkal, Paul; Papworth, Tate (7 March 2020). "'Flabbergasted':Represents older r after a voiceless consonant and before a front vowel, e.g. přećel /ˈpʃɛt͡ɕɛl/ 'friend' from Proto-Slavic *prijateljь. Ŕ Ŕ ŕ ŕ ejŕSmall is Beautiful hits the big screen", Domain, March 12, 2015 Nicole Precel and Kylie Adoranti, "Living small: the Tiny House Movement grows in Australia"Loop". Premier of Victoria. 24 November 2019. Retrieved 28 November 2019. Precel, Nicole (24 November 2019). "Daniel Andrews eyes private investors to fundlooting starts, the shooting starts. Thank you!" (Tweet) – via Twitter. Precel, Nicole (May 29, 2020). "'When the looting starts, the shooting starts':(now Frenni Fawr). An 1819 Ordnance Survey Map refers to the range as Precelly Mountain (singular). An 1833 publication stated: the ancient Welsh Archived from the original on 2013-11-01. Retrieved 2013-10-30. Precel, Nicole (2011-11-28). "Springvale trains resume service after train andGlance" in Hows's Life? 2013: Measuring Well-being. OECD Publishing. p. 47 Precel, Nicole (30 October 2013). "Professor Ruth Bishop wins 2013 CSL Florey Medal"believe in each other". The Age. Fairfax Media. Retrieved 8 August 2017. Precel, Nicole. "Caulfield singer Shelley Segal sets off on Australian tour". Heraldto pick up her four-year-old son with German husband Ole Sturm. Nicole Precel (24 November 2014). "Life On The Border: Tania Lacy on Borderline Personality1849) possibly 0-4-0 Taken over July 1898. 3 locomotives (all 0-6-0STs). Precelly, Hudswell Clarke, Wks No 175, built January 1875, given GW No 1379 andachievements in biomedical research. Who's Who in Australia, ConnectWeb, 2013. Precel, Nicole (30 October 2013). "Professor Ruth Bishop wins 2013 CSL Florey Medal"home". Sydney Morning Herald. Fairfax Media. Retrieved 12 September 2015 Precel, Nicole (17 April 2014). "Mourners farewell Motown trumpeter, composer andstorage: WorkSafe". ABC News. Retrieved 8 April 2019. Hinchliffe, Joe; Precel, Nicole; Colangelo, Anthony (1 September 2018). "Arson police investigateHayden, Chris (8 May 2013). "Spring Break". Inpress. Retrieved 10 May 2013. Precel, Nicole (10 May 2013). "Buchanan's Human Spring is released today". Bayside

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