Jan Skrzetuski is a fictional character created by Polish author Henryk Sienkiewicz in the novel With Fire and Sword. He is a man of honour, always faithfulone of the most popular books about that particular place and era. Jan Skrzetuski (Yan Skshetuski), lieutenant of the armoured regiment of Prince Jeremibeautiful orphaned princess living with her aunt and cousins in Rozłogi. Jan Skrzetuski falls in love with her and vies for her hand against the Cossack colonelOranowski as Andrzej Kmicic Lucjan Wisniewski as Jan Skrzetuski Kazimierz Wojciechowski as Jan Skrzetuski Seweryna Broniszówna as Anna Borzobochata Film Polskiduring the Khmelnytsky Uprising of the mid-17th century. A Polish noble, Skrzetuski, and a Cossack otaman Bohun, both fall in love with the same woman, HelenaKurcewiczówna and wants to marry her. However he is thwarted by his rival, Jan Skrzetuski, a Polish nobleman, who forces the matron, Princes Kurcewicz to promiseVyhovsky Ivan Bohun Tugay Bey İslâm III Giray Fictional characters Jan Skrzetuski Onufry Zagłoba Michał Wołodyjowski Longinus Podbipięta Yuri Bohun Helenaaccount of his small physical stature, journeying with his friends Jan Skrzetuski and Onufry Zagłoba, fighting to save his country from foreign invadersmade it to Toporiv in the final days of July when Mikolaj Skrzetuski (called Jan Skrzetuski in Henryk Sienkiewicz's With fire and Sword) informed theVyhovsky Ivan Bohun Tugay Bey İslâm III Giray Fictional characters Jan Skrzetuski Onufry Zagłoba Michał Wołodyjowski Longinus Podbipięta Yuri Bohun HelenaSienkiewicz. Jeanne Crain as Helena Kurcewiczówna Pierre Brice as Jan Skrzetuski Elena Zareschi as Princess Kurcewicz John Drew Barrymore as Bohun GordonWołodyjowski Aleksandra Billewiczówna Jan Onufry Zagłoba Jan Skrzetuski Stanisław Skrzetuski Soroka Roch Kowalski The novel was adapted for the screen byPan Tadeusz Tadeusz Soplica With Fire and Sword Ogniem i Mieczem Jan Skrzetuski Polish Film Awards nominee for the best main male role 2001 The HexerIgnacy Poniatowski Adam Poniatowski Elżbieta Zofia Poniatowska Krzysztof Skrzetuski Franciszek Poniatowski 1640–1691 Helena Niewiarowska Aleksander Poniatowskifor reinforcements, and in early August a volunteer messenger, Mikołaj Skrzetuski, managed to sneak past the besiegers and reached the king around 6 orHenryk Sienkiewicz's The Trilogy: Onufry Zagłoba, Andrzej Kmicic, Jan Skrzetuski, Michał Wołodyjowski Pan Twardowski List of Polish titled nobility ListRusieński, Rzeszewski, Sadkowski, Satkowski, Skibicki, Skorwid, Skotnicki, Skrzetuski, Slubicki, Słubicki, Soćko, Stanisławski, Stęsicki, Stężycki, Sujkowskihis true identity, falsely introduces himself to the main protagonist Skrzetuski as "Zenobi Abdank, Abdank Coat of Arms, Abdank with a cross, a noblemanSkobejka, Skobejko, Skorubko, Skorupka, Skorupko, Skotnicki, Skrodzki, Skrzetuski, Skwierczyński, Skwirczyński, Sławek, Sławiński, Sławomier, Słogocki,Sword and in The Deluge. He is a poor Polish nobleman who serves Jan Skrzetuski. He's cunning and greedy but always loyal to his master. He helps to freeand cunning hero. After meeting another character of the Trilogy, Jan Skrzetuski, Zagłoba, until now living a meaningless life of a lesser noble, tryingBaka Amok Maksymilian "Max" Rybak Michał Żebrowski Ogniem i mieczem Jan Skrzetuski Bogusław Linda Pan Tadeusz Jacek Soplica Jerzy Stuhr Tydzień z życia mężczyznyRahoza, Rakowski, Rawdowicz, Rylski, Ryłło, Ryło. S Sanczalski, Sawicki, Skrzetuski, Sleński, Slesiński, Sleszyński, Słabosz, Słaboszewicz, Słoński, Sługockithe village is mentioned in the eleventh chapter as belonging to Jan Skrzetuski. In the interwar period, Sienkiewicz's cousin Stefan Dmochowski livedas Martin Kunert within the United States Both family Conrad Swan Jan Skrzetuski is a fictional character created by Polish author Henryk Sienkiewicz inhead - she thought it symbolized Bohun but the hawk was an animal in Jan Skrzetuski's coat of arms. When Bohun left for war, she was to keep Helena in her(née Dobrowolska) Skrzetuska. She was the great-granddaughter of Antoni Skrzetuski, who was honored for his military service in the January Uprising. The Skąpski, Skidziński, Skirgajło, Skorobohaty, Skrodzki, Skrzelowski, Skrzetuski, Skwarczyński, Sladowski, Sleżowski, Sławianowski, Sławiec, Sławnik, SłupowskiWładysław IV and Jan Kazimierz. the siege of Zbarazai and the breaking of Skrzetuski from the besieged city to King Jan Kazimierz. Inspired by this story Hdeath 1709.01) Jan Mikołaj Lubieniecki, O.P. (1711.02.23 – ?) Adrian Skrzetuski, O.F.M. Conv. (1715.09.23 – ?) Jozafat Parysowicz, O.F.M. Conv. (1717

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