Nahal Sorek (Hebrew: נחל שורק‎, lit. Brook of Sorek), also Soreq, is one of the largest, most important drainage basins in the Judean Hills. It is mentionedSorek may refer to: Adi Sorek (born 1970), Israeli writer Nahal Sorek Sorek, NepalSworek is a village development committee in Syangja District in the Gandaki Zone of central Nepal. In Sworek there are 9 wards . But now according toGan Sorek (Hebrew: גַּן שׂוֹרֵק‎, lit. Sorek Garden) is a moshav in central Israel. Located in the coastal plain around four kilometres south-west of Rishonat the technological forefront of desalination and water recycling. The Sorek desalination plant is the largest seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) desalinationAdi Sorek (1970) is an Israeli writer and editor who lives in Tel-Aviv. she is the author of five fiction books, winner of the 2019 Levi Eshkol Prime 18-year-old yeshiva student Dvir Sorek was stabbed to death near the Israeli settlement of Migdal Oz. Dvir Sorek was an 18-year-old Yeshiva studentthe Jezreel valley, and the Jerusalem Sorek Plant (23 million cubic metres/year), located in the basin of the Sorek River. Many of the smaller wastewaterSamson is believed to have been buried in Zorah in Israel overlooking the Sorek valley. Samson has been the subject of both rabbinic and Christian commentarythe investigation, the cell members also confessed to the murder of Neta Sorek, whose stabbed body had been found earlier that year near the Beit Jimalof the Rephaim, is a valley descending southwest from Jerusalem to Nahal Sorek below, it is an ancient route from the coastal plain to the Judean Hillsof Sorek, and was fortified by Rehoboam (2 Chronicles 11:10). It has been identified with Sar'a, 23 kilometers west of Jerusalem near Nahal Sorek, nowArrizabalaga y Prado, Varian Studies Volume One: Varius (2017), page 131 Sorek (2012, p. 202): "Modern scholars have regarded Herodian as unreliable. HoweverBeit Surik (Arabic: بيت سوريك‎) is a Palestinian village in the Jerusalem Governorate, located 12 kilometers Northwest of Jerusalem in the northern WestButashi (Arabic), a tell lying on a flat, alluvial plain, located in the Sorek Valley ca. 7 kilometres (4.3 mi) north-west of Beit Shemesh, near moshav(12): 1025–1034. doi:10.1002/bies.201200073. PMID 23108796. S2CID 5808466. Sorek R (October 2007). "The birth of new exons: mechanisms and evolutionary consequences"Bibcode:2015Natur.527..535N. doi:10.1038/nature15760. PMC 4662619. PMID 26503043. Sorek R, Lawrence CM, Wiedenheft B (2013). "CRISPR-mediated adaptive immune systemsSisera Sitnah Sivan Smyrna So Socoh Sodi Sodom Solomon Sopater Sophereth Sorek Sosthenes Sotai Spain Stachys Stephanas Stephen Suah Succoth Succoth-benothWilhelm Bacher. "Johanan B. Zakkai". Jewish Encyclopedia. Bavli Gittin 56b Sorek, Susan (2008). The Jews Against Rome: War in Palestine AD 66–73. Bloomsburybuffalo. The range has karst topography including a stalactite cave in Nahal Sorek National Park between Jerusalem and Beit Shemesh and the area surroundingassociated with treacherous and voluptuous women. Delilah was a woman of Sorek. She is the only woman in Samson's story who is named. The Bible says thatBandiere - Passato e Presente (in Italian). Retrieved 31 July 2019. Tamir Sorek, The orange and the ‘Cross in the Crescent’: imagining Palestine in 1929has been infected. Arbitrium was first observed by a team led by Rotem Sorek, a microbial geneticist at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel.and the world's largest seawater desalination plant in the world is the Sorek Desalination Plant located in Tel Aviv. The plant is able to produce 624of the Biblical judges in its narrative, and Delilah as a woman of Nahal Sorek who was bribed by the lords of the Philistines to learn his secrets. Samsonreached significant proportions before the outbreak of World War I." Tamir Sorek, a sociologist, submits that, "Although a distinct Palestinian identityNahal Sorek Regional Council (Hebrew: מועצה אזורית נחל שורק‎, Mo'atza Azorit Nahal Sorek) is a regional council in the Central District of Israel. TheMelamed, Sarah; Leavitt, Azita; Savidor, Alon; Albeck, Shira; Amitai, Gil; Sorek, Rotem (26 January 2017). "Communication between viruses guides lysis–lysogenygraphene membranes. The world's largest RO desalination plant was built in Sorek, Israel, in 2013. It has an output of 624,000 m3 a day. It is also the Unabridged. Random House. Retrieved 17 October 2018. Esor Ben-Sorek (18 October 2015). "The Tragic Herzl Family History". Times of Israel. Atrange camera", published September 1, 1992  Ginosar, Ran; Zinaty, Ofra; Sorek, Noam; Genossar, Tamar; Zeevi, Yehoshua Y.; Kligler, Daniel J.; Hilsenrath165, there is a sketch of the village rendered by Captain Zeuty showing where the victims were killed and where they were buried. Sorek, pp. 102-104(2004). Palestine and the Arab-Israeli Conflict (5th ed.). Macmillan Press. Sorek, Tamir (2015). Palestinian Commemoration in Israel: Calendars, MonumentsZemer Brenner Drom HaSharon Gan Rave Gederot Gezer Hefer Valley (Emek Hefer) Hevel Modi'in Hevel Yavne Hof HaSharon Lev HaSharon Nahal Sorek Sdot Dan|journal= (help) "One of the biggest desalination plants to be built in Sorek". "Israeli practices affecting the human rights of the Palestinian people2019-09-29. Retrieved 2019-09-11. Stokar-Avihail A, Tal N, Erez Z, Lopatina A, Sorek R. Widespread Utilization of Peptide Communication in Phages Infecting Soilfootball player Virgil Luken (born 1942), American swimmer Luken Communications, broadcasting company Lukens Lukin Murders of Neta Sorek and Kristine LukenSamson (Mature) and Delilah (Lamarr) inside Delilah's tent at the Valley of Sorek and Martyrs. Stanford University Press. ISBN 978-0-8047-9520-3. Podeh, p.60 Sorek, p.11 Sorek, p.11 Sorek, p.11 Sorek, p.12 Sorek, p.12 Sorek, p.12Israel in the Old Testament. Judges Delilah – The "woman in the valley of Sorek" who Samson loved. Judges Dinah – Daughter of Jacob, one of the patriarchsplanted by the Jewish National Fund along the Salmon-Sorek contour. The forest overlooks the Sorek and Refa`im riverbeds and the Jerusalem hills. In theArab League for failing to "save Palestine", according to author Tamir Sorek. By the late 1950s, 15 May would be known in the Arab world as PalestinePhilistines. The tribe was only able to camp in the hill country overlooking the Sorek Valley, the camp location becoming known as Mahaneh Dan ("Camps of Dan")vapour compression (VC) also feature. Israel Desalination Enterprises' Sorek Desalination Plant north of Palmachim was foreseen to provide up to 26,000Bridge is a Mamluk arch bridge near Yibna, which crosses the river Nahal Sorek (formerly known as Nahr Rubin, or Wadi al-Tahuna). It was previously usedSankhar Daraun Sirsekot Kaule Sekham Setidobhan Srikrishna Gandaki Sirsekot Sorek Taksar Thuladihi Thumpokhara Tindobate Tulsibhanjyang Waling Municipalitydoi:10.1038/nature.2017.21313. Stokar-Avihail A, Tal N, Erez Z, Lopatina A, Sorek R. Widespread Utilization of Peptide Communication in Phages Infecting SoilCoca-Cola, Gazit-Globe, Volvo and Fiat are expected to open in the Maayan Sorek area. As part of the city's 5-year plan to be completely water-independentflow into Nahal Sorek to the north of Hadassah Ein Karem Hospital. The neighborhood overlooks the village of Ein Karem, Nahal Sorek, and the ruins of2017. Hassan, Nir (24 April 2018). "Riding Through the Hills, From Refaim to Sorek Streams: The New Bike Tunnel of Jerusalem". Retrieved 7 May 2018.

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